The Most Common Problems With Tile Roofs

If you are currently experiencing a leak in your roof, it could be because you have a tile roof that is now in disrepair. In some cases, it could be the result of a faulty installation, a problem that is easily detected if you have recently have the new roof put on. You could also have moisture problems develop, ones that are caused by a leak in your roof that can lead to the development of mold. If it is a sizable hole, you may have animals moving into your attic area in order to take shelter. Here are some of the more common problems that you can experience with the tile roof.

Punctures And Penetrations

Some of the more common problems include the ability of a roof to be punctured by some type of a physical object. If you have recently had a wind storm go through your area, and many of the branches were knocked off of trees that are adjacent to your home, this may have caused the problem. If it is able to penetrate into the attic area, you could have a substantial leak if it never rains.

Poor Ventilation

Two problems that can occur as a result of poor ventilation include the development of mold and also excessive amounts of heat inside of your house. If it is during the winter, and you have moisture upstairs, you could end up with mold because of the poor circulation. If it is during the summer, you may notice that your house is much harder than usual. You will need to check the vents that are in the attic area. If you cannot go up there, or if you do not know how to repair the problem, you can contact a professional roofer that can fix the issue.

If you have recently had your roof put on, you simply have to contact the company that did this. They will be more than happy to come and fix the issue. If this is an older roof, and you have any type of a puncture, or if the tiles have come off, they can repair them very quickly. It is important to compare the different businesses that offer these services. By doing so, you will get a reputable business with the ability to fix your problems, all done for a very reasonable cost that will help you resolve all of these issues.


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