5 Common Signs Of Metal Roof Problems

Metal roofs have become increasingly popular among homeowners for a number of reasons. To begin with, they are extremely durable and tough, and with the correct maintenance they are able to last for 50 years sometimes longer. However, because any type of roof is usually exposed to outdoor elements, even the metal roofs can experience wear-and-tear and damages. Below are some of common signs that the team at Roof Restoration North Brisbane think can help you spot a metal roofing problem.

1. Leaks

If the roof was not correctly installed it might have gaps that can result in leaks. Leaks usually become worse, so when you do notice one, it needs to be addressed immediately.

2. Punctures And Tears

Punctures and tears typically occur during construction of roofs, caused from excessive foot traffic. In most cases caulking can be used for fixing punctures and tears. However, since metal roofs are susceptible to movements, caulking may only be a solution that is temporary. One way to decrease punctures and tears and to prevent the need for roof repairs would be to limit access to your roof. Only allow roofing contractors that are professional to perform necessary services to the adjoining sections of the home.

3. Blow-Offs

A blow-off is another one of the side effects linked to a poor roof installation. This can include when the flashing has not been attached well, where open gaps and seams can lead to parts of a roof blowing-off. You should also check your roof on a regular basis for any issues. As soon as you notice something that is not right, take action immediately to ensure the roof repairs are not as expensive into the future.

4. Loose Seams

A metal roof is known for contracting and expanding dependent on weather conditions. This may result in seams separating or screws that become loose. If these issues are not repaired as soon as possible, the underlying structure of the roof may become damaged from water build-up around the roof’s stacks and condensation.

5. Ponding Water

If water is allowed to collect on the surface of the roof it can result in pressure. This can lead to a leak along with other issues. It is easy to avoid a costly repair to your metal roof by checking the roof regularly and clearing away any puddles or pool that you see. You may also want to invest in a water-proof coating to prevent corrosion buildup and rust.

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