How To Take Care Of Your Home’s Gutters

Maintain gutters

Gutters are among the essential components of your roof and the exterior of your home. They play an essential role in directing water away from the ceiling and the house in general. That said, you need to ensure your gutters are in the best condition possible to avoid leaks and water damage in your home. Both the gutters and downspouts work hand in hand to ensure water is channeled away from the house for proper drainage. How can you take care of your gutters? You may ask. Here are a few ways to care for your home’s gutters.

  1. Keep Them Clean
    Gutters will collect dirt in the form of twigs, leaves, and grit over time. If these aren’t removed on time, they could clog the gutters making it almost impossible for water to drain properly. Creating time to clean the gutters will, however help prevent the problem while ensuring proper drainage. All you have to do is take a ladder, climb up the roof, then sweep off all the debris from the gutter channel.
  2. Wash the Gutters
    Rinse the gutters once done removing debris. Use medium pressure when rinsing the gutters with water. It would also be advisable to ensure the downspouts aren’t clogged as well. Wash off any debris that might have stuck inside the channels for an even clean.
  3. Snake the Downspouts
    If you climb up only to find the gutters are clean and free of debris, but water doesn’t seem to drain correctly, the downspouts might be clogged. Use a plumber’s snake to clear any obstructions within the downspouts. Wet leaves and other forms of dirt may accumulate inside the downspouts, making it hard for water to pass through. Unclogging the downspouts is a sure fix for this.
  4. Replace Damaged Gutters Sections
    Some sections of the gutters might be damaged or corroded, breaking the flow of water. Some of these forms of damage might go unnoticed for months, one of the reasons you should inspect your gutters after every few months. Be sure to have any damage fixed immediately to prevent a bigger problem in the future.
  5. Install Gutter Guards
    Gutter guards prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from falling inside the gutter channel. Gutter guards are mainly made of wire screens to prevent such dirt and leaves. While almost everyone can use these screens to protect his/her gutters, this is mostly recommended for those that rarely find time to clean their gutters.