About Us

So why do we do this blog?

Well…. Its because we love it!

We are a group of that started out as some local neighborhood friends that had a passion for ‘boys toys’ and I mean the whole range. We had car lovers, boat fanatics (you know who you are), surfers, DIY guys and everything between.

As is often the case some of us knew a lot about one topic but next to nothing about another. Here we take turns to post a bit of info on the subjects that we know lots about as a hope to share some of our knowledge and passions.

We try to be as active as possible with responding to feedback from you the reader and we encourage you to get in contact with us and let us know what you think.

We will be covering a whole range of stuff including home and maintenance stuff and the best big boys tools to get the job done. We love sharing this stuff and we hope you like reading it. To check out our latest post head over to our blog page at Toyz Time.