Top Staircase Maintenance Tips

staircase_maintenanceStairs are one of the most used areas in the house and experience a high amount of human traffic. They are thus prone to wear and tear due to their frequent usage. To minimize the risk of structural damage it is important to do regular maintenance on stairs. The following are some staircase maintenance tips.

1. Regular cleaning

If you have carpeted stairs, clean them regularly by sweeping and vacuuming. Vacuum starting at the bottom and move upwards to the top to ensure that you don’t grind in the dirt as you stand on a dirty tread. When you spill something on wooden stairs do not leave it there for long as this may lead to warping.

2. Squeaking stairs
Stair treads are usually placed tightly but due to constant usage they will become loose. Creaky stairs are insecure to walk on and make annoying noises. Squeaky stairs can be fixed easily from underneath if they are exposed. Tap shims into spaces between the stringers and the treads, then add some glue. However, most stairs have drywall or plaster on the underside thus the best time to check and repair them is when you are replacing the carpet.

3. Repairs on railings, posts and balusters

During maintenance it is important to ensure that any loose railings are fixed. You can check for loose screws on railings and tighten them. Balusters can be secured firmly by using a hammer and nails.

4. Aesthetic Maintenance

If you have an old set of stairs you can probably consider upgrading it with one that gives a nice attractive design. Changing the design of stairs can help to create more space in your house. L or U shaped stairs take up much space and can be replaced with spiral or straight staircases that take up less space. Aesthetic maintenance of the stairs will also boost the value of the home.

5. Refinishing wood stairs

Due to heavy traffic, the finish on wood stairs might wear out. Use steel wool to apply new finish to worn spots. In some cases the whole surface needs to be removed and replaced. For instance with surface finishes such as varnish and shellac. Remove the finish by using a sanding tool or accessory and then smooth the floor by using an abrasive. Remove all dirt and dust from the surface and then apply the new finish.

Maintenance on stairs helps to prolong their life span and keep off any huge structural alterations that you have to do. Older stairs need frequent maintenance. Stair maintenance is important for safety purposes, in other instances, it is what is needed to spark an inspiration on whether to change the design of the stairs or replace them altogether.

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