The Most Common Problems With Epoxy Floors

Common Problem with Epoxy FloorEpoxy floors have become popular in different applications because they have a beautiful shine, durable and require very little maintenance. However, there are some common problems that might come up eventually and you need to be prepared whenever they do.

Common Problems

1.    Peeling – It might happen if the coating was not applied properly. On the other hand, if the epoxy coating wasn’t prepared properly before application or was applied when it was too hot or cold, the floors will start peeling. To prevent this, clean the floors properly to remove oil, grease or any debris to make sure the floors are clean.

2.    Moisture Buildup – Happens when there is moisture in the concrete or if there’s a huge temperature between the epoxy coating and the floor. Once the floor is etched with acid, it should be completely dry before the epoxy is applied.

3.    Air Bubbles – When there are bubbles in the epoxy coating, it means it was applied when there was direct sunlight or if the temperature was too cold. The bubbles might also be caused by adding the epoxy coating on porous concrete. That’s why preparation is important to allow the epoxy to seal properly.

4.    Inconsistent Color – Once you have applied the coating, you might notice that the color is off. That’s because the epoxy was poorly mixed before application. On the other hand, if you had not cleared the oil or grease on the concrete, it might create the variety in color. Also, if you bought the epoxy coating in various batches, the difference in color might be coming from that. Note that if you leave the epoxy out in the sun for a while, the UV rays might also affect the color and that’s where the color variation comes from.

5.    Running Out Of The Coating – If you are on a budget, you might buy a few tins of epoxy coating. When you start applying you can start with a thick coat and try to stretch it out before you’re done. If that’s the case, you will find that there is a variation in color from start to finish. Therefore, before application, you need to find the exact amount of epoxy you need to make sure it’s applied evenly on the entire floor.

In conclusion, most of the problems mentioned above occur because of poor application, poor cleaning before application and poor purchasing decisions. Therefore, do the right thing before application to avoid them.

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